Coaching tools and tips

Morning Intentions


Each morning you need to plan your day so that it goes according to your plan.

Each morning I spend time before I get out of bed talking to myself (internally) about what I am grateful for. The days when I feel most challenged I do this over and over until I am filled with gratitude.

Whilst doing my gratitude work (your could pray also) I consciously breathe.

Scheduled Check-Ins


I use certain prompts as reminders to calm myself down and reset myself.

I use my car (yes, no road rage here. I consciously breathe and let go of my tight grip on the steering wheel. You could breathe and loosen your grip each time you change lanes or the radio.



I was never a journaler, like never ever!

Recently, I have added this to my morning routine whilst I am listening to mediations. I will soon add this to my night routine too.

Writing your thoughts down has a big impact on your wellbeing.

Creating your Self Image & Vision Statement


Take time to write down some dot points about who you are and what your vision is for your life.

This is a longer tool that we will work on later. Mine now looks like a circle with lots of other circles around it and is recorded and I listen to it every day and sometimes more than once a day. 

Listening to Mediations and Affirmations


Find some free apps on your phone or ask google or siri to play you some meditation music or a guided mediation.

My personal recordings include background sounds that I like and have "I" affirmations. If you hear yourself being positive you will feel positive.

Watch this space for a guided "I" meditation.

Recording your own Mediations and Affirmations


Know that one day soon you can record your own mediations and affirmations and they are amazing.