About Rebecca


Some info about your Coach, Rebecca McGowan

Hi lovely,

I am so happy you are here!

I'm Rebecca. I am a family law solicitor and life coach. I support people as they transition through their separation in a mindful, loving and supportive way on their journey to living their best life.

Who am I?

I am an empath - that means that I am great at reading you and I know what you are feeling without being told. It is a great skill to have when you are a compassionate family law solicitor.

I am the Principal Lawyer of McGowan Family Law which I established in 2007 as a fifth year solicitor. I was frustrated with being told that I couldn't "help" because I had to make money for the firm! I wanted to live my true purpose, the reason I was put here, and actually make a difference in the lives of the people I worked with. So I quit and took a big leap of faith by starting my own firm. 

I am an Accredited Family Law Specialist. I know a lot but each day I learn a bit more. I am a lifelong learner.

After 18 years as a family law solicitor I am still not bored! I am evolving in my practice and honoured to work as an Independent Children's Lawyer. I have an amazing team and my business with minimal of "me". That means that I can follow my heart and remain dedicated to being a family law solicitor which requires incredible resilience and fortitude but also offer life coaching to people who have separated and want to plan goals for their future so that they can live their best life, with intention and purpose.

I have worked with some amazing coaches, Rhiannon Colarossi, Clair Hill and Sarah Tyrrell. I no longer wake up and take the day as it comes, I plan my day and live with intention. I use wellbeing strategies throughout the day and control my day. I live the life I choose to live and life is so much more rewarding when you know how to set yourself up for success. With coaching I have learned to plan bigger goals and stick to them.

I hope I can help you to feel some of the excitement for life that I now feel. There is much work to be done and it is challenging work but it is so rewarding.



Your coach: Rebecca McGowan

Rebecca McGowan is your Separation Coach.

Rebecca is will be certified as a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach in August 2020 and is so ready to use 18 years of family law solicitor skills and many years of wellbeing work to assist you!

Rebecca will continue to service family law clients and can work with you in relation to your family law matter or just offer separation coaching.



From August 2020 I will offer you three exciting coaching programs. 

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I am also writing a book mixing family law and mindfulness together and hope to have that published in the next few years.

Contact me to discuss group packages for your workplace or group of like minded friends. Group coaching really elevates you and takes you to a new place.